3D Revolution, the store, the channel, the person

3D Revolution began as a YouTube channel back in 2017. It has grown and evolved considerably since then, and has now launched the 3D Revolution Store, selling clothing and accessories designed by the 3D Rev host and owner, Josh.

Who is 3D Revolution?

3D Revolution is hosted and run by myself, Josh, a Bristol based maker and creator with a love for inspiring and encouraging the next generation of makers, creators, and innovators. This is a brief rundown of my story.

For a long time, I was a professional wildlife and science documentary camera and drone operator, travelling to the worlds most remote and extreme locations to capture video of the unique wildlife, landscape, and science iconic of the area for the likes of BBC, Netflix, PBS, Apple and Disney. My love of 3D printing begun over a decade ago as I investigated ways of building a system for filming deep sea squid, and since then printers haven’t left my life.

My career as a wildlife doc cameraman had taken me all over the world, from deserts to rainforests, from climbing the peaks of city towers to clambering through underground ice caves, from camping in the high Arctic circle, to walking the ice with penguins in Antarctica.

However, in 2021, whilst on a shoot in the Italian Alps, I fell 230 feet down an Alpine mountain, breaking my spine, neck, and skull, each in several places (and breaking pretty much everything else to boot), followed by an 8 day coma. 

Thanks to a fleet of fantastic doctors, and a flood of luck, I didn’t just survive, but I now still live a full and happy life.

Unfortunately due to a number of injuries resulting from my accident, I am not able to return to my life as a wildlife documentary camera opp, and so once I was back on my feet, re-launched my 3D Revolution YouTube channel with a new found determination to make it a tool to help others learn and grow their skills in 3D printing and general creativity wherever I could.

That is the process I’m now on is to grow the channel as much as I can and to continue helping people overcome the barriers holding back their creativity and innovation, and to do it in a fun, and community positive way.

And that’s what brought me to this. I was surprised by how little creator/3D printing themed clothing and accessories that existed, and I’d long had ideas for a few articles of clothing, so I’ve done what I can to bring them to the world, and I hope you like them.

What is the 3D Revolution Store?

As mentioned above, 3D Revolution is something that began as a passion project, but has now become my primary focus, and expanding from the YouTube channel I also now have this, the 3D Revolution Store.

As with the YouTube channel, that is entirely researched, written, filmed, edited and managed by me, so is this store. I built this store myself (aided by the fantastic range of tools available in the world of small scale web development) and run it completely independently.

Whilst order fulfillment and shipping will happen very quickly,  any direct communication may take 24-48 hours to receive a reply, but in most cases you should hear back from me within a couple of hours (during UK hours, GMT).

Whilst I do try to give this store a professional look and feel, I pride myself on trying to give my customers and viewers a personal and friendly experience, so please do feel you can reach out to me if you ever need to.